Stand Up For Your Rights!


I just thought I’d share with you why I’m proud of the one-star ratings I’ve received recently. How many of you have been in a situation where the customer has been rude or disrespectful towards you; has placed unreasonable expectations upon you; has been condescending, unnecessarily demanding or has made you feel inferior or as if you are only there to do their bidding? Have you felt obliged to pacify them? Have you felt you needed to compromise yourself to keep them happy for fear of what they might do?

I’d like to point out that the vast majority of my customers are beautiful souls who are appreciative and respectful and who come back to my website time and time again. But yesterday I was told by a stampy-foot customer that the customer is always right, to which I replied, bullying and treating someone rudely or disrespectfully is NEVER right – it doesn’t matter who they are. All human beings are equal and should be treated so. I could see the one-star rating being shot into my future but decided that I wasn’t going to compromise my self-worth – regardless of the consequences or the star rating. So, I pointed out her behaviour to her and told her that it wasn’t acceptable. And I urge anyone in a service-based industry or the retail industry to do the same.


 Putting up with being spoken to badly or being treated disrespectfully by unreasonable customers throwing their toys out of the pram is going to have an impact on your self-worth over the long-term. This leads to other areas of compromise in your professional and personal life and eventually, can also lead to serious illness such as breast cancer and heart disease. Just because you might be in a service-based industry or in retail does not mean that you have to take someone else treating you badly.  In theory, the Google star rating is a good idea if it’s used as a practical tool to help others make informed buying decisions. However, if it’s used as a tool of control or a means of unreasonable spite then it’s time for a rethink – as anyone who has watched Black Mirror on Netflix will know – it can be a scary means of coercion and control. So, if anyone has been in a similar situation, don’t feel that you have to take it – it’s not worth the damage it does to your self-worth, and I’ve told my work colleagues the same – to not feel they have to take being treated badly.

So, if anyone knows of a petition to Google I can sign, then please share because I think star ratings should work both ways – the way they work currently leaves vendors vulnerable to the demands of unreasonable and unkind customers, and that’s not fair. I’m sure cowardly people would think twice about damaging someone’s reputation or livelihood if they were rated also - I have a 100% satisfaction rating on eBay, but I don’t think it’s going to be the last one-star rating I receive on Google...! So, come on, if you’re in a customer or client-related industry, it’s time that we stood up for our self-worth and our rights!

If you agree that people should be treated respectfully by customers and clients, please share the link to this blog with as many people as you can. And if you're a customer who has previously enjoyed the service you've received from us then please feel free to give us a star rating! Thank you x

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