Isis Crystals

The Goddess Isis is considered the divine Creatrix, loving mother and the embodiment of death and rebirth, fertility and magic. As the representation of the divine mother, she represents faithfulness and eternal love and offers her protection to all.

The journey with the Goddess Isis represents a path of inner discovery and transformation, stepping into one's own divine power and deepening your connection with the universe. These crystals will help you deepen your ability to manifest your desires, embody the marriage between the divine masculine and feminine, enahnce self love and seek eternal bliss.

The crystals associated with Isis include: Black Obsidian; Clear Quartz; Desert Rose; Crysocola; Lapis Lazuli, Amethyst and Selenite.

Every crystal is hand-picked in person by myself to ensure A-Grade crystal characteristics and clarity, purity and intensity of energy. The Goddess Isis is my guide, and I channel her energy into each crystal which is cleansed and programmed by myself. I am an energy healer, ascension mentor, spiritual teacher and writer.

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