The Benefits of Our Products

All of the products on this website have a purpose:

  • To help you lead a more natural life;
  • To avoid chemicals; and
  • To support your body from the inside out, emotionally and physically.

We believe that the body is designed to repair itself naturally, but is prevented by the toxic load placed on it from the chemicals in our environment, in our food and in our water supply. Even worse, the body’s automatic inflammatory and adrenal response to threats such as toxins, stress and leaky gut syndrome creates its own problems and illnesses over prolonged periods of time. To heal from the inside out, the body needs help to detoxify, to reduce unnecessary inflammation and to restore its natural balance.

Our Products

The products we offer are designed to:  help support your emotional wellbeing; support your body to detox and strengthen your immune system; and to create peace and balance in your home environment. From the detoxifying dōTERRA therapeutic-grade Zendocrine blend, to the anti-inflammatory properties of our Turmeric Chai Teaand the Traditional Chinese Medicinal benefits of Sunny Pills the products aim to support your wellbeing in every way. Everything is designed to restore balance. 

The MONQ range of personal aromatherapy inhalers has a funky design, the oils are organic and the terpenes from the blends are nature’s blessing. We love them. Our doTERRA oils are superb, the quality is second to none, and I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending them. However, you might not see the whole doTERRA product range on these pages - we've included all of the oils and the products we agree with and encourage you to research the ingredients of those we have left out. That way you can be assured we are only offering you the best.

Finally, our range of ultrasonic aromatherapy diffusers are not just attractive, they have the added bonus of offering important health benefits too, such as the aromatherapy benefits of essential oils and purifying and cleansing your home environment. I have mine misting away on my desk as I write this, with Bergamot for creativity and Frankincense for concentration.

We will continue to add beneficial products to our range as we research them, but our aim is to offer a niche selection of hand-picked products rather than a confusing supermarket array. If you are interested in wholesaling any of the items listed you can enquire here. Just let us know what you're interested in. Meanwhile, enjoy browsing and please let us know if you think anything is missing or if there are any ways we can improve our website or our service to you.


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