Autism & Essential Oils Information Pamphlet

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Today, in the US, one in 60 children have ASD. Four times more boys have autism and Asperger's-related issues than girls. But this doesn't mean that girls do not have these or related symptoms. If, like myself, you have a child on the spectrum and do not want to medicate, luckily there are other alternatives that you can try out first. Thankfully, I have never medicated my son.

This helpful booklet introduces you to the world of essential oils and how they can help soothe and support different ASD/ADD/ADHD characteristics, such as anxiety, lack of focus, headaches, sleep issues, digestive issues, depression and aggressive behaviour.

It offers recipes for roller blends, sprays, diffuser blends and bathtime solutions to balance, calm and ground your child. My son is now 16 and it makes me really happy to see him go to my oil box on the kitchen counter and help himself to what he knows he needs.

This is an introductory pamphlet to get you started and I hope it helps.

If you live in the Sydney Area then I highly recommend the Lindamood Bell Program. 

I'm happy to answer any questions you may have. 

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