Copper Drum Essential Oil Diffuser

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This attractive Copper Drum Essential Oil diffuser makes a beautiful aesthetic statement in your home, as well as making an essential contribution to wellnes and wellbeing.

Copper represents Venus, the Roman Goddess of Love and this stunning centrepiece can create an harmonious and peaceful environment for your family and home. Every essential oil has an emotional as well as physical intention, and so you can create peace and calm (Lavender, Ylang Ylang), vibrant and energetic (Wild Orange or Peppermint) or grounded and earthy (Spruce or Cedarwood), depending on which oil, or combination of oils, you choose.

This diffuser can run for an incredible 13 hours, so you can set it before you go to bed and rest assured knowing that it will continue to function efficiently while you sleep, all the way to the morning. It also has a low mist function enabling it to last even longer if you choose.

Simple to use, just remove the top, fill the tank with water, add four to five drops of your choice of essential oil, replace the lid and switch on - it's that easy! Use distilled or filtered water if you prefer.

It has a power button, a mist button and a light button. The power button sets the timer of the diffuser to 1, 3 or 6 hours or then onto the low mist option. The mist option allows you to choose the mist output, high or low, whilst on the timer.

The diffuser also serves as a gentle glowing night light. The light button allows you to choose either the gentle rotation through the colours of the rainbow, or one particular, fixed colour. However, it can also be used with the light off if preferred. 

Diffuser Benefits:

This versatile diffuser can be used with doTERRA pure therapeutic-grade essential oils to:

  • Create a peaceful and calm home environment in your lounge, or a welcoming aroma in your front hallway (diffuse Lavender, Balance, Geranium, Cedarwood or Frankincense essential oils);
  • Help address sleep issues (diffuse Lavender, Lavender Peace or Ylang Ylang essential oils);
  • Alleviate sniffles and stuffiness and strengthen resistance to seasonal threats (diffuse Easy Air and On Guard essential oils);
  • Counterbalance electrical radiation in your home (Diffuse Purify and On Guard essential oils);
  • Purify and cleanse any germs in the air in your home through the beneficial properties of Purify and On Guard essential oils; and
  • Rebalance and humidify your home without causing damp, condensation or mould.

It works using ultrasonic vibration to evaporate the oil and water in a cold water vapour, so protecting the properties of the essential oil which are damaged when heated.

Safety information

The mist is created through ultrasonic vibration, not through heat, meaning the water doesn't get hot and is therefore safe around young children. Tank capacity is 500ml.

The diffuser has a 1-year Warranty.

The diffuser is made from ABS, is BPA-free and is recyclable. It switches off automatically when the water falls below a certain level, so can be used safely overnight. Power consumption is just 5W and it comes with an Australian plug.

The diffuser meets Australian safety standards.

Size: 18.1*18.1*16.0cm



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