doTERRA Active Sports Fitness Box

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The doTERRA Active Sports Box is a must for those with an active lifestyle, who love the outdoors or for those who are regular gym-goers. It contains products which help with  muscle recovery and muscle injury. And, if you're trying to re-boot your active lifestyle, or take your fitness to the next level, it also includes a popular blend to get you motivated and moving.

The Active Sports Box includes a variety of essential oils, cream, blends and beadlets to ensure you get the most out of your exercise regime.

One of the best features of the box is the doTERRA Ice Blue Cream, which you can apply before the gym to loosen up stiff or tired muscles, or after, for relief of any aches, pains or strains. It is so effective, you will wish you'd found it years ago. It even helps with stubborn joint pain and stiffness.

Copaiba comes from the resin of a Brazilian tree and is a prized essential oil which helps repair and reduce inflammation and improve circulation.

Peppermint essential oil also comes in a tiny veggie beadlet which you can pop into your mouth for fresh breath and a quick energy boost. 

doTERRA's Motivate blend is a combination of carefully selected oils to uplift, inspire and energise. It helps you get your mojo back and promotes self-worth whilst dispelling negativity. It contains:

  • Peppermint
  • Clementine Peel
  • Coriander Seed
  • Basil Herb 
  • Yuzu Peel
  • Melissa Leaf
  • Rosemary Leaf 
  • Vanilla Bean Absolute

Blend any oil with fractionated coconut oil to make it easier to spread on the skin and improve absorption.

The doTERRA Active Sports Box contains:

  • doTERRA Copaiba Essential Oil 15ml -   CBD oil, is most commonly used by cancer and epilepsy sufferers, its highly anti-inflammatory properties make it equally suitable for those with Leaky Gut Syndrome, MTHFR, a predisposition to Alzheimers, Cardivascular problems or diabetes. In fact, in today's highly-acidic, highly inflammatory, cancer-prone society, everyone can benefit from the use of Copaiba in aid of prevention.
  • doTERRA Ice Blue Rub 120ml -  doTERRA Ice Blue Rub essential oil blend offers instant and effective relief from life's physical mishaps. Apply to bumps, sprains, strains, stiffness, joints or muscle issues. Apply topically for cooling relief of problem areas. You'll be amazed at the results. But don't take our word for it - just read any of the product reviews on any Ice Blue product and see for yourself.
  • doTERRA Lemongrass Essential Oil 15ml -  doTERRA Lemongrass essentiall oil has been used for centuries to help support anxiety, stress and low mood. When used in a diffuser it not only provides an uplifting, energising and fresh aroma to the room, but can also clear stale and negative energies.
  • doTERRA Eucalyptus Essential Oil 15ml
  • doTERRA Motivate Encouraging Blend 5ml -  doTERRA Motivate Encouraging Blend of mint and citrus essential oils. Helps you dig deep to rediscover your get up and go. Promotes feelings of confidence, courage, and belief and counteracts pessimism
  • doTERRA Peppermint Beadlets -  doTERRA Peppermint Beadlets each contain one tiny drop of peppermint, with 120 soft vegetarian beadlets in each tube. Great to pop in your handbag for a quick breath freshening energy boost. More than a breath mint, doTERRA Peppermint Beadlets can be used for oral care, respiratory health, digestive comfort, and all other situations in which Peppermint essential oil is used internally.* 
  • doTERRA Fractionated Coconut Oil 115mlThe doTERRA Active Sports Box contains products which help with motivation, muscle recovery and muscle injury.

Click on any of the links for a more detailed product description and tips on how to use.

dōTERRA Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® essential oils represent the purest and most potent oils in the world and have been specifically developed to soothe emotions and help balance hormones. They are one of only two companies whose oils are so pure that you can ingest them, put them directly on your skin undiluted (some oils such as oregano will always need diluting) and even use them diluted on toddlers. Check your bottle of oil and it will warn you not to ingest it, not to put it on your skin undiluted and not to use it on children - it may even have 'poison' written on the bottle. With dōTERRA oils esential oils, you CAN ingest them (those that are edible); you CAN put them on your skin) and CAN use them on youngsters, because they are so pure.

Caution: Possible skin sensitivity. Keep out of reach of children. If you are pregnant, nursing, or under a doctor’s care, consult your physician. Avoid contact with eyes, inner ears, and sensitive areas.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration in the US. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.

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