doTERRA Kumquat - Rare Citrus Oil Mood Uplifter Skin Purifier

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Available for a limited time only, doTERRA Kumquat Essential Oil is prized among citrus oils. Resembling an orange but the size of an olive, studies show that Kumquat essential oil, along with providing a pleasant citrus taste, may offer a significant boost of antioxidants when taken internally.*

Taken from the Fortunella japonica tree found in Asia, Kumquat essential oil is cold pressed from the the rind of its fruit. It is composed primarily of cyclic monoterpene limonene, and, as the research suggests, Kumquat is quite distinct among citrus oils.

Depending on the harvesting conditions, Kumquat essential oil is anywhere from 70%-95% limonene, but research suggests it has as many as 120 known constituents.1 So, while Kumquat does offer the same surface cleansing and mood uplifting benefits of its limonene-containing counterparts, many of its properties are all its own. With low levels of monoterpene myrcene, Kumquat may have a calming effect when inhaled.3

The cleansing properties of Kumquat come from limonene, a chemical component found in other citrus oils like Lemon and Lime oil. The limonene in Kumquat makes it useful for cleansing surfaces, promoting a clear complexion, and providing internal benefits.* With powerful cleansing properties, Kumquat may have applications in skin and hair health along with being great for use on your kitchen counters.4,5 These added skin benefits may be due to low levels of alpha-Pinene, which is found in higher concentrations in essential oils known for supporting skin health.

Ready to try it? Here are a few ideas for using Kumquat oil:

  • Add 1-2 drops to your facial cleanser or shampoo for added purifying benefits and a soft, refreshing scent.  
  • Place some drops of Kumquat into your Petal Diffuser with other citrus oils like Lime, Bergamot, or Wild Orange for bright, cheerful aroma. 
  • Try using Kumquat instead of your usual go-to citrus oil for a day. For example, if you make a natural surface cleanser and normally use Lemon, add Kumquat instead.  
  • Add a few drops to your water or a veggie capsule to support the digestive system.* 

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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