Hydrogen Water Bottle (Large 550ml, SPE/PEM technology)

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This is one of the best Hydrogen Water Bottles in Australia featuring:

  • Extra large 550ml replaceable glass bottle
  • SPE/PEM technology: Cheaper imitations don't remove chlorine & other gasses
  • Super high hydrogen concentration: 5500+ ppb (5.5 ppm)
  • Fastest - Only takes 3 minutes for pure energised water
  • Optional cover available.


Maximise your body's strength with the Hydrogen Water Bottle. Containing a built-in water filter, it hydrogenates the water, providing antioxidant benefits to reverse both cellular damage and provide anti-ageing benefits.

Impurity Filtering

The filtering design targets oxidative impurities specifically chlorine which cause damage throughout the body. This innovative filtering feature works to allow on the go water filtering which helps prevent additional free radical damage and optimises cellular function.

The multi-spectrum filtering design works to target chemical impurities specifically chlorine, heavy metals and pathogens. The filter produces a bio-electric current which assists in neutralising impurities within the water.

The integrated filtering ring further utilises a specialised filtering media system to electromagnetically attract and contain impurities. This requires a simple cleaning process to be maintained. Detailed in the quick start guide included.  


Using advanced Solid Polymer Electrolyte (SPE) and Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) technology, the infusion of pure H2 delivers a high-concentration hydrogen with the removal of other gases, specifically chlorine.

Using the water bottle and the hydrogen shower filter together will improve skin and restoration, will hydrogenate your skin and provide anti-ageing benefits. The antioxidant nature of the water will assist in the repair, rejuvenation and regeneration of healthy cells. It promotes great nails and hair and assists with the control of dandruff and eczema, while the duo water system can also help with the protection and support of your immune system.

Hydrogen ions in water can effectively ameliorate insomnia, fatigue, lower blood sugar, lower blood pressure and improve memory. Hydrogen-rich water is easy to absorb and can help to boost your metabolism aiding a weight loss diet.

Free radicals are highly reactive, imbalanced molecules that are the by-products of normal metabolism and are associated with the degenerative aging process. Free radicals steal electrons from healthy cells to neutralize their own charge, causing cellular damage. Hydrogen plays a key role in neutralising these free radicals by providing the missing electrons to the free radicals. Hydrogen is highly effective and efficient at balancing oxidative stress, and prevents the imbalances which can occur with other antioxidants. 

Bottle is battery powered and rechargable via USB adapter.

Warranty: 12 month repair or replace warranty.