Hydrogen Health Water Bottle

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Maximise your body's health with the Hydrogen Health Water Bottle. Containing a built-in water filter, it hydrogenates the water, providing antioxidant benefits to reverse both cellular damage and ageing.

At the same time, the water filter simultaneously targets impurities restores minerals and revitalises the energetic structure based on innovative water science.

Free radicals are highly reactive, imbalanced molecules that are the by-products of normal metabolism and are associated with the degenerative aging process. Free radicals steal electrons from healthy cells to neutralize their own charge, causing cellular damage. Hydrogen plays a key role in neutralising these free radicals by providing the missing electrons to the free radicals. Hydrogen is highly effective and efficient at balancing oxidative stress, and prevents the imbalances which can occur with other antioxidants. 

Hydrogen ions in water can effectively ameliorate insomnia, fatigue, lower blood sugar, lower blood pressure and improve memory. Hydrogen rich water is easy to absorb and can help to boost metabolism.

Bottle is battery powered and rechargable via USB adapter.

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