ISIS Crystal - Desert Rose

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Weight : 1.68kg

The Desert Rose is a most gracious and elegant of crystals, making an eye-catching design statement in any home. Each stone is unique.

It is divinely feminine, related to your sacral chakra as an expression of fertility, expression, emotion and creativity. But don't be fooled by its gentle appearance, this crystal can cut through any blocks to manifestation, enabling you to focus and overcome any obstacles. It unlocks your divine will, supporting you in your endeavours to realise your dreams.

Desert Rose is a very high vibrational crystal which helps to remove blockages between chakras to encourage the flow of life force or kundalini energy within. Perfect to use in mediation or by your bedside at night, this crystal also activates both the root and crown chakras to help you stay grounded while connected, as well as assisting in clarity and focus. It can help enhance your intuitive abilities and higher self connection.

It is a type of selenite, which helps to cleanse your energy field and environment and will also charge other crystals when around them - it can also help energise you. It will help to realign your chakra system and enhance feelings of calm and optimism. It's also great for the skin and aids with elasticity and muscular rejuvenation. 

It carries the energies of clarity, prosperity and purification, helping to clear the mind of old thought-processes, opening up the flow of guidance from your intuition.

It is a unique and natural desert formation from sand, water and wind and is found in Mexico, North Africa, Saudi Arabia, Australia and Afghanistan.

Desert Rose is also one of the crystals of the Goddess Isis, the Creatrix, who represents fertility, rebirth and magic. She is the divine mother embodying faithfulness and eternal love and offers her protection to all.

All crystals are individually chosen in person for their unique and powerful vibration, as well as their spiritual purpose and deep healing properties.


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