Mind Tuner Anti-stress Pendant

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Great gift idea for overworked executives, students, mum’s, yogi’s, meditators, kids, dad’s anyone wanting to live a healthier life with less stress and more happiness.
Write it on your shopping list for any event – baby shower, bridal shower, birthdays, Mother’s day, Father’s day… any day is a good day to give the gift of wellness.

Don’t miss another day of your life lost in negative thoughts, stressed and unhappy – Tune your Mind and Body to CALM Now!

  • Beautifully Designed in Australia. (Patent Pending)
  • Highest Quality – Both the Pendant and Chain are crafted from strong and durable 316L hypoallergenic stainless steel – made to last.
  • Perfect Length – Pendant measures 55mm (2.165 inch) Chain measures 60cm (24 inch)
  • Handcrafted Keepsake box made from sustainable mango wood by local artisans in Southern India
  • Reusable Eco Cotton Pouch
  • Clear Quartz Intention Crystal
  • Personal Mantra Card
  • FREE Mindfulness kit

Breath-work is fast becoming the number one way to calm your nervous system and activate your relaxation response.

MindTuner is a Natural Breathing and Mindfulness tool that helps you destress.  It’s powerful therapeutic benefits comes from its precise patented design that harnesses the power of your breath by slowing and extending your exhale.

“Based on the latest research, practicing longer exhalations for just two minutes appears to be an easy way to hack the vagus nerve and calm one’s nervous system”. Christopher Bergland 2019 Psychology Today.

You might not know it but the exhale is the most valuable part of your breathing cycle. Why? Because extending your exhale sends messages to your body to switch on your parasympathetic nervous system.  You know that feeling of calm that overcomes you during times of relaxation, the AHHH! Moments…

This is your body shifting into its rest/digest function, it’s relaxation response.  The space where your body repairs and heals; lowering your heart rate, and triggering the release of all your happy hormones… and it’s the same feeling you will experience when you use the MindTuner.