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Welcome to Healy, a revolutionary medical wellbeing device that supports your body's optimum performance and overall wellness.

Healy is a frequency device used to balance the body's bioenergetic field and activate your body's self-healing capacity. The Healy offers between 7 and 120 programs with 144,000 different frequencies, to support and harmonise your body, your organs, your mental state, your emotional being and your soul wellbeing.

As well as physical benefits in alleviating pain, discomfort and conditions, and speeding up the healing process, it can also help to balance your meridians, your aura, and your chakras as well as cleanse and purify your mind, body and soul.


Pocket-sized and wearable, it operates using an ap which you download to your phone. By sending frequencies into your body and your aura, Healy energises your individual cells and energy field. The frequencies are transmitted via wristbands or electrodes, for more physical or localised issues or pain, or can be delivered remotely into your energy field using the Healy Resonance Model.

Its parent, the TimeWaver device, has been used by clinical therapists in Europe and around the world for over 15 years for many medical applications such as chronic pain, fibromyalgia, depression, anxiety, migraines and sleep disorders. Now, Healy has been adapted to bring clinical therapy into every home around the world. Made in Germany, The Healy is the brainchild of a German philosopher and physicist who trained with Tibetan Monks for 12 years, and a Portuguese Doctor who has the likes of the Portuguese football team as a client.

Everything has an energetic frequency, even our bodies and our organs, which can be measured in MHz. Disease also has a frequency, which is usually a lower vibration, while health is of a higher vibrational frequency. Disease can't exist in a higher vibrational frequency environment. The Healy has developed 144,000 different high vibrational frequencies for optimum health.

There are four different models of Healy but you can upgrade at any time if you'd like to add more programs further down the track. The four different models are: 

Model 1) Healy Gold - which offers you SEVEN comprehensive programs of Pure, Care, Balance, Being, Energy, Relax and Release.

Pure - Addresses detox issues and helps with electromagnetic frequencies, toxins, food, environmental pollutants etc.

Care -  Self-care and strengthening of your body's energy field and support system.

Balance - Bioenergetic balance of various systems of the body: kidneys, circulation, lymphatic system, and hormones. It is an ideal program for a deep bioenergetic balancing of the body‘s energy field.

Being - What the program Balance is for the body; Being is for our soul. It's designed to help you regain emotional balance.

Energy - Performance needs support. No matter whether you are a well-trained competitive athlete, a stressed-out manager, or a busy mother, Energy should help you to bio energetically deal with health problems.

Relax - Relax stands for a relaxing anti-stress effect. Stress is often the cause of hyperacidity and imbalances in the body. According to our understanding, many diseases are caused by continuous stress. Modern life keeps many of us from letting go of our daily sorrows and stress, an endeavour that is vital for achieving recovery.

Release - There are many different causes of pain. For example, pain can be a symptom of hyperacidity of the tissue. As an alternative or in addition to the classic pain applications in Healy you can use the Gold Cycle Release program. In this program, you work systemically in the bioenergetic field of the body, no matter where the pain is located in the body.

Plus, with the Gold, you get to choose ONE additional program from any of the other Healy Programs.

Other Healy Programs include:

Pain, Learning, Fitness, Sleep/Job, Mental Balance, Beauty/Skin, Bioenergetic Balance 1, Bioenergetic Balance 2, Meridians 1, Meridians 2, Chakras, Protection Programs & Deep Cycle.

Model 2) Healy Health - All of the benefits of the Gold Cycle PLUS:  Local Stimulation (Pain & Psyche); Mental Balance; Bioenergetic Balance 1 + 2; Skin; Sleep; Meridians 1 + 2 and Deep Cycle.

Model 3) Healy Health Plus - All of the benefits of the Gold and Health Cycles PLUS: Beauty; Job; Learning; Fitness; Chakras; Protection Programs; and Deep Cycle. 

Model 4) Healy Resonance - This level includes all of the above programs PLUS the ability to tailor the frequency program to your own personal energy field without the need to choose the frequency manually. It can also tell you which are the top five programs most relevant for you, which takes the guesswork out of which of the 120 programs you need to choose from. The Resonance is great for all practitioners and therapists as it gives the use of an additional app to measure a client's bio-energetic field AND/OR Chakras, to produce a complete personalised report/s in PDF format. It can offer a tailored 50-minute frequency therapy session which is automatically calibrated to address your clients' needs – with the other models, you set your own frequency level. This transmission recalibrates every 10 seconds to accommodate your client's changing energy field. It offers the choice from one of the specific 120 programs but also offers the client the choice of frequencies of Bach Flower remedies, Australian Bush Flower remedies or Crystal Healing remedies, Schuessler Tissue Salts plus many more.

Healy Resonance is ideal for practitioners such as: Chiropractors, osteopaths, OTs, aromatherapists, psychologists, naturopaths, acupuncturists, kinesiologists, NLP therapists, Reiki practitioners, hypnotherapists and other energy healers, beauticians, physiotherapists, personal trainers and even vets - Healy can be used on animals too and has been used to cure colic in horses! It has the capacity to retain client files in order to measure improvements over time. The Healy is intended for regular use and can be used up to three times a day.

If you want to buy the Gold and are not sure which free program to choose, I can scan your field with my Resonance to determine which is the most appropriate program for you. I will send you two PDF reports about your energy field. Normal cost $45.00 but now FREE for the duration of the promotion.

You can also experience a remote personalised frequency wellness session using the Healy Resonance. Healy will scan your energy field and send your body the frequencies it needs to help bring your physical, mental and emotional body back into balance. Lie down, relax and let your body absorb the benefits. Sessions can be held in person or via Zoom/Skype. Sessions are for 1.5 hours, including the explanation, scans and emailing of reports, and cost $145.00. Please contact Claire on 0403 446644 for further information. 

If you'd like to read customer testimonials on what their breakthroughs with the Healy have been, search on Facebook for Healy Global Experiences.

Living Vitality will give ongoing after sales support and advice and there's also a Healy Facebook Community you can join for those interested in buying a Healy, called Healy Quantum Explorers, offering videos, Zoom events and further information. There's another Facebook page that you can join once you're an owner called Healy Quantum Healing Customers for tips and advice on how to use it.

If you have a friend of family member who is also interested in purchasing a Healy, you will be able to order one for them and earn commission on the purchase once you've bought yours. Ask me how.

Please note - no discount codes are available to use on the Healy.

 Disclaimer: Healy does not claim to treat or cure any disease or illness. Healy is a medical device for the treatment of chronic pain, fibromyalgia, skeletal pain, and migraine as well as for the supportive treatment of mental illness such as depression, anxiety, and related sleep disorders. All other applications of Healy are not recognised by conventional medicine due to a lack of evidence in the sense of conventional medicine. Healy is designed to harmonize your Bioenergetic Field and enhance recovery, vitality and wellbeing, not to cure, treat, mitigate, diagnose or prevent disease. The information on these pages is for reference and educational purposes only. It should not be treated as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. You should always seek such advice from a qualified medical professional.

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19 Jan 2021
Rhonda T.
Australia Australia
Love it

Best purchase ever! Can't wait to use all the different programs!

07 Jan 2021
Debbie O.
Australia Australia
Love the Healy

Love it has a calming effect on the mind!