Transformaton Reiki Infused Intention Candle - Blooming Lilacs Aroma

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The Transformation candle is a tool that can help you on your journey, it will tune you in and open up for expansion. It’s charged with Reiki energy and intention.

 You are about to embark on an incredible journey of self-discovery, healing, growth, love & light. This powerful candle has been infused with the energies of reiki so that it may assist you in connecting more deeply with yourself as well as others around you. Allow this beautiful candle to guide your way through life's challenges and into the light at the end of each tunnel...the transformation awaits!
The Transformation Candle is also great for those who are going through a tough time or facing big changes in their lives; such as moving home/country/job etc., divorce or separation from loved ones - use this candle when feeling lost or overwhelmed by change! Or if there is something specific that needs transforming within your life then ask for assistance from Spirit using this special candle!
The Transformations Candle helps us all get back on track when we feel like we have lost our way…it assists us in finding clarity amidst chaos…and reminds us that everything happens for a reason (even if we don't always understand why!)