Zazen Multi-Stage Filter Cartridge

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Replace your Multi-Stage Filter Cartridge every six-months for optimum water quality.

This filter can reduce fluoride by up to 90%, as well as many other contaminants, toxins and heavy metals such as lead, arsenic and cadmium, chlorine and chloroforms, MTBE's, THMs, odours etc., which are found in many of our water supplies. They have been linked to cancer and other illnesses and diseases. 

Our latest zazen Multi-Stage Filter Cartridge is a 6 stage advanced filter which also inhibits bacteria growth in the filter whilst also removing detergents, ammonium, agricultural chemicals and other toxins.

Constructed from highly compressed diatomaceous earth and mineral oxides, the Multi-Stage Filter also:
  • Emits beneficial infrared to energise the water and Pi energy to enhance bioavailability.
  • Provides additional filtration to balance pH and neutralises acidic components in tap water.
  • “Polishes” the water for brilliant clarity and sparkle.
  • Infuses natural silica – renowned for strengthening collagen for radiant hair and nails.

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