Aromatherapy Diffusers


At Living Vitality Australia, we offer a range of contemporary ultrasonic aromatherapy diffusers to purify your home and create a calm, peaceful environment. Simply add water plus a few drops of your favourite essential oil then relax and enjoy the subtle aromas plus incredible health benefits.


We’ve chosen our aromatherapy diffusers not just for their unique and attractive designs, but for their practical benefits. Did you know you can improve your sleep, your skin, your mood and your wellbeing all with one little ultrasonic unit? Strengthen your immune system, ease anxiety, improve focus and concentration and achieve many other positive outcomes in your home, study, office or practice – effortlessly! Just add the appropriate doTERRA oil to your diffuser to create an inviting and uplifting space anywhere you choose. If you’re not sure which oil or oil blend will create the environment you’re looking for, speak to us and we’ll be delighted to advise you.

Whether it’s your first or subsequent diffuser, or whether you’re buying one for every bedroom, purchase one of our attractive designs today or speak to us to help with your decision.


There are so many different diffusers available, how do you choose between them? The key distinguishing features of our products is not just how attractive they are, but their operation time and the size of the room they cover. These are the main points to consider:

  • Pick one that will run throughout the night, particularly if you’re using it for poor sleep, to alleviate yours or a child’s cold or in a baby’s room. Our units operate for a minimum of 8 hours and some run for up to 18 hours.
  • Check what room size it will cover – there’s no use in buying a diffuser that’s too weak for the size of your room. Ours cover a minimum of 30 sqm and some even cover up to 70 sqm – there are few other diffusers available on the market that can cope with such a large area.
  • Do you prefer an intermittent function where the unit will stop and start every few minutes, or would you prefer one with a 1, 3, or 6-hour timer?
  • Most offer a light option but make sure it still functions without the light so you can sleep at night.
  • Does the light have a dim or bright function?
  • Can you alter the amount of mist it produces?
  • What are its safety features? Does it switch off automatically when the water has depleted?
  • How easy it is to operate?

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