About Us


Living Vitality Australia is a small but rapidly growing family business with its heart in the right place. Borne out of our aversion to chemicals, we operate to help others avoid them too, and our products are natural and effective. We believe that the body is designed to repair itself, but is inhibited by the toxic load on it from the chemicals in our environment, in our food and in our water supply. Even worse, the body’s automatic inflammatory and adrenal response to threats such as toxins, stress and leaky gut syndrome creates its own problems and illnesses over prolonged periods of time. To heal from the inside out, the body needs help to detoxify, to reduce unnecessary inflammation and to restore its natural balance – both physically and emotionally.

 The products we offer are designed to help your body do this, from the detoxifying dōTERRA therapeutic-grade Zendocrine blend, to the anti-inflammatory properties of our turmeric chai tea and the Traditional Chinese Medicinal benefits of Sunny Pills. Our soaps and face creams are hand-made from organic ingredients, heavily laced with dōTERRA essential oils and we can make to order to suit your specific skin requirements/problems. The MONQ range of personal aromatherapy inhalers is brand new to Australia and an exciting addition to our product offering. The design is funky, the oils are organic and the terpenes from the blends are nature’s blessing. We love them. We will continue to add beneficial products to our range as we research them, we hope to soon offer concentrated hemp oil, but our aim is to offer a niche selection of hand-picked products rather than a confusing supermarket array.

Why us?

We believe in treating our customers as we would want to be treated ourselves and we pride ourselves on our customer service – which is evident from the number of you who come back again and again. We will always be responsive to your requests, easily accessible and although we may sometimes get things wrong, we promise to always put it right. At the end of the day, we simply want you to be satisfied in your dealings with us. We believe that our world is too hard, too fast, too toxic and if we can simplify it in any way for you, we will – the vast majority of the products we sell are used for anxiety, stress and poor sleep. As an independent family business, we refuse to subscribe to the modern business model – it’s not all about profits. For us, it’s about helping people find a healthy alternative to the use of chemical-based products and the over-use of antibiotics.  The world’s food-intolerant, highly-sensitive, reactive children are a way of telling us we need to do things differently. We hope this website is a good place for you to find out how. Our genuine desire is to help, so please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We look forward to talking to you.