About Us


Living Vitality Australia is a small but rapidly growing family business with a big heart and strong ethics. We have a natural aversion to chemicals and want to help others avoid them too. Everything we offer reflects this and we've sourced the most natural and effective solutions possible - where we haven't been able to find products pure enough, we've made them ourselves.

The company germinated from the seed of an idea I had back in 2011, to properly explore essential oils. Before that I'd been toying with essential oils for over 20 years but now wanted to research their healing benefits. It took me two years to find a brand I was happy with - as soon as I found out you could ingest these oils, I was sold. The company was doTERRA - Latin for 'Gift of the Earth'.

When I joined in February 2014, I had absolutely no intention of selling the oils – I was at Uni, in the middle of writing a novel, and trying to bring up my two kids who were then 10 and 13. I had no space for anything else in my life. But as I researched and learned more about the power of the oils and experienced the benefits of using them at home to heal and help my family, I was increasingly drawn to them. I couldn’t concentrate on my work, I kept sneaking onto the doTERRA website, and I couldn’t wait for my order to arrive each month.

Gradually, I started offering doTERRA information sessions and classes to share the secret of the oils. We then started selling at Organic Markets and expanded to Expos (we’re at Mind Body Spirit in Sydney in May every year) and we recently re-launched our website. I started experimenting with the essential oils to use them in my own products for my family: soap, shampoo, lip balm, cleansing cream, face cream, body moisturisers, sunscreen, mozzi spray etc. and I'm continually perfecting my recipes. Everything is organic, pure and completely chemical-free. I gave my products as gifts to friends and family and was delighted when they asked me for more. Their lovely compliments encouraged me to share them on my website. Our company has grown in ways I never expected and I love some of the thanks and testimonials from people we’ve helped along the way – such as the dear lady in her seventies who told me how grateful she was that she could hold her husband’s hand again for the first time in many years, after using doTERRA's Ice Blue - her arthritis had previously made it too painful for her. Her story is one of many, and is why I love doing what I do.

Why choose us?

We believe in treating our customers as we would want to be treated ourselves and we pride ourselves on our customer service – which is evident from the number of you who come back again and again - thank you! We will always be responsive to your requests, easily accessible and although we may sometimes get things wrong, we promise to always put it right. At the end of the day, we simply want you to be satisfied in your dealings with us. We believe that our world is too hard, too fast, too toxic and if we can simplify it in any way for you, we will – the vast majority of the products we sell are used for anxiety, stress and poor sleep. As an independent family business, we refuse to subscribe to the modern business model – it’s not all about profits. For us, it’s about helping people find a healthy alternative to  chemical-based products and the over-use of antibiotics.  Our food-intolerant, highly-sensitive, reactive kids are a way of telling us we need to do things differently. We hope this website is a good place for you to find out how. We want to help, so please do contact us if you have any questions. We look forward to talking to you.