Healy Global Upgrade Promotion


Save up to $1,400 with Healy's Global Upgrade Promotion.

Simply purchase the Healy of your choice and receive a FREE upgrade to the next level Healy - save up to $1,400.

For example, if you buy a Healy Gold, $845 you'll receive a Healy Health worth $1,645 for NO EXTRA CHARGE!!! That's a saving of $800.

Buy a Healy Health and you'll get upgraded to a Healy Health Plus worth $2495 - saving $850.

Buy a Healy Health Plus and you'll get upgraded to a Resonance worth $3895 - saving a massive $1,400!!!

Up to $1500 available on AfterPay. Contact me regarding split payments.

What is Healy? Glad you asked - Healy is a new health and wellness device offering 120 programs and 144,000 frequencies to help you deal with hundreds of everyday issues - Healy literally has a program for everyone and everything, even your furry friends. 🐕🐈
From acute pain, sleep programs, migraines, energy-boost, weight, skin and beauty, mental balance, meridians, chakras, emotions, thyroid support, hormonal balance, menopause, anti-aging, eyes, detoxification, rejuvenation, nervous system, joints, learning, memory, circulation, fatigue, balance, nerves, gut, organs, EMF protection and so much more.😍
To purchase a Healy and full product information can be found HERE.
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Sale ends April 30.