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At Living Vitality we're constantly researching and testing new products which can improve your overall health and wellbeing. New, ideas, methods, advice and trends are coming to light all the time and we're always looking out for those which resonate with us, that we think will be suitable for our customers.

We first try out the products ourselves to see what our own experience is of them, and, if satisfied, and if we see or feel a real benefit after using them, only then do we make them available on our website.

Very often, we talk to the owners first. I like to do this to get a feel for where they're coming from and to make sure that it's not just about the commercial aspect. I like to know that the main purpose for the owner is to help people - in the same way that it is for Living Vitality.

Becoming in charge of your's and your family's own wellness and wellbeing is a very empowering experience, which filters through to every aspect of your daily life and the quality of your relationships. I'm very happy to say that my family is very, very rarely ever sick. My daughter, who is now 20, has never taken antibiotics and my son has taken them twice - he's now 17.

I'm excited to share the newest additions to our website. A lot of thought has gone into these and hopefully, reading about them will open up a whole new line of enquiry into a different aspect of health for you.

For example, if you haven't really given much thought to the water you drink, you might be horrified to find what's in it - chlorine, fluoride (the unhealthy one), iron, led, copper, bacteria, parasites, even rust and algae. Perhaps it's time to filter what you put into that temple of yours.

And don't even get me started on what's building up on the wall of our bowels. Did you know that parasites actually dig into the bowel wall and live there? YUK! If the thought of colon hydrotherapy is a bit confronting, then try Qenda Ultimate Fibre for a 100% bowel wall and gut cleanse, and to improve your mood, sleep, energy levels, skin, emotional wellbeing and immune system.

And then we have the beautiful Sacred Cacao to open your heart chakra and help start your day in the right way - peaceful, connected, grounded.

If you have any questions about any of the new products listed, I'd love to help, and am always available on 0403 446644. 

In health and happiness,


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