AromaTouch Technique Massage Kit by DoTERRA

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The doTERRA AromaTouch® Technique Massage Kit can be used either with the AromaTouch® technique itself or incorporated into your own massage routine. 

When this specific combination of doTERRA essential oils are used one by one in massage, the receipient will gradually let go of all stress and worry, will gradually relax and ease muscle tension and will breathe and rejeuvenate more easily.

The AromaTouch technique is freely available to use and can be used equally successfully whether you're a novice or trained professional. Starting from the feet and making your way up the recipient's back to their head, each of the oils is used for a specific purpose and is applied using particular hand movements.

Tender touch almost instantaneously activates the release of oxytocin (often referred to as the “love” or “hug” hormone), decreases heart rate and blood pressure, and has a beneficial influence on multiple other stress-sensitive systems. 

  • Touch is the first sense that we develop when we are born.
  • The right kind of touch can lower blood pressure, cortisol levels, and heart rate.
  • The AromaTouch Technique uses light, consistent touch that creates a beneficial response in the recipient.

Increase the benefits of doTERRA essential oils by incorporating the AromaTouch® Technique into your healthy lifestyle philosophy. This kit contains 5 ml bottles of:


doTERRA AromaTouch Essential Oil is a massage blend known for its relaxing and comforting effects. It combines essential oils of Cypress, Peppermint, Marjoram, Basil, Grapefruit, and Lavender for muscular and nervous system relief. In combination with a massage, it helps to lessen tension, relax the muscular system and improve circulation.


doTERRA's Balance Essential Oil blend promotes a sense of tranquility, calm and Peace. It is one of doTERRA's most popular blends. This effective calming blend of pure essential oils is dōTERRA’s popular choice for immediate grounding. The warm, pine aroma of Balance creates a sense of calm and wellbeing, which makes it particularly suitable for use in massage and in a diffuser.


doTERRA Lavender Essential Oil is widely used for its calming and relaxing qualities and is great to use in a diffuser for a relaxed and peaceful home environment, or at night to improve sleep.  Add to bath water to soak away stress or apply to the temples and the back of the neck to relieve tension. Add a few drops of Lavender to pillows, bedding, or bottoms of feet to promote a restful night’s sleep.       

Ice Blue

This Ice Blue essential oil blend from doTERRA is the one to use for non-believers to convince them of the incredible effects of essential oils. Mix with fractionated coconut oil and apply to any bump, sprain, strain, stiffness, joint problem, scrape or muscle issue and you will be amazed with the results. But don't take our word for it, just read any of the product reviews on any Ice Blue product and see for yourself.

On Guard 

doTERRA On Guard blend provides a natural and effective immune support.* As one of doTERRA’s best-selling blends, On Guard protects against environmental and seasonal sniffles and threats with essential oils known for their positive effects on the immune system.* Use at the first sign of a cold.

Tea Tree    

doTERRA's Tea Tree essential oil has over 92 different compounds and literally limitless applications. It has always been used for cuts and scrapes, as a disinfectant and to promote wound healing.


Peppermint can help to alleviate nausea and digestive upsets. It can also be used to alleviate headaches and even migraines simply rub on your temples or the back of your neck. If you have a cold it can help clear clogged sinuses, It's great to use in a massage to enliven and envigorate the senses.

Wild Orange 

Wild Orange possesses stimulating and purifying qualities, making it ideal to support healthy immune system function when seasonal threats are high. As with many citrus peel oils, Wild Orange contains powerful antioxidants that help maintain overall health. It can be taken daily to cleanse the body*.

doTERRA Fractionated Coconut Oil

dōTERRA’s Fractionated Coconut Oil is a natural carrier oil that is completely soluble with all essential oils and is colorless, odourless, and will not stain or go rancid. It remains in permanent liquid form, regardless of the temperature, and fractionation is the extraction method.

The kit presentation pack comes with a quick reference guide and instructions, along with a link and code to view helpful videos to learn the AromaTouch® Technique and Hand Technique. 

Further information can be found here: 

dōTERRA Certified Pure Tested Grade® essential oils represent the purest and most potent oils in the world and have been specifically developed to soothe emotions and help balance hormones. They are one of only two companies whose oils are so pure that you can ingest them, put them directly on your skin undiluted (some oils such as oregano will always need diluting) and even use them diluted on toddlers. Check any other bottle of essential oil and it will warn you not to ingest it, not to put it on your skin undiluted and not to use it on children - it may even have 'poison' written on the bottle. With dōTERRA oils esential oils, you CAN ingest them (those that are edible); you CAN put them on your skin) and CAN use them on youngsters because they're so pure.

Caution: Possible skin sensitivity. Keep out of reach of children. If you are pregnant, nursing, or under a doctor’s care, consult your physician. Avoid contact with eyes, inner ears, and sensitive areas.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration in the US. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.