Boho Style Tassel Necklace - 7 Chakra Stone Beads and Silver Budda head

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7 Chakra Stone Beads Necklace Vintage Volcanic Rock Stone Beaded Necklace.

 Originating in India in the Middle Ages, chakra is a Sanskrit word that denotes a wheel of energy. In the human body, it is referred to as the spinning disk along the spine and has a direct connection to your physical and emotional health. These chakras regulate the energy flow in your body and get influenced by the good and bad vibes around you. So, to balance these energies in your body, gemstones are believed to play a vital role.

As per Hindu beliefs, for those who need help in physical, mental, and spiritual health, chakra jewelry is beneficial. This view has made the chakra concept popular around the world, especially among those practicing yoga and those interested in spiritualism.

If you are facing any health issues, emotional weakness, lack of concentration, anxiety, or stress, then wearing a chakra necklace can prove beneficial to you. You can wear it without any hesitation. The chakra necklace awakens every cell of your body and lets you rejoice in your life. If you’re not facing any specific problems, wearing a chakra necklace maintains your health.