Hydrogen Water Filtration System (Counter Top)

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Experience the ultimate in water filtration with this Hydrogen Health water system for your kitchen benchtop. Offering the latest in technology, this water filter differs from others in that it offers a portable filtration solution as well as the choice between hot and cold water at the touch of a button.

Fill your glass, cup or jug using the one-touch dispenser, to dispense 250ml or 1ltr at a time from the 5ltr tank.

Designed to deliver your drinking water in perfect molecular structure, Hydrogen Health water hydrates faster, lasts longer and offers countless benefits. It produces 4000ppb Hydrogen. 

Not only does the hydrogen act as a powerful antioxidant, but in doing so it prevents cellular damage, supports the production of collagen, offers anti-inflammatory and anti-allergy benefits and improves cell function which increases your energy levels.

Its multi-stage filtering system removes up to 99% of Chlorine, Fluorides and Chemical Impurities and other Pathogens. It purifies pesticides and toxins whilst removing any silt or dirt that may be present as well as heavy metals, sediment and other impurities.

Because it hydrates you at the cellular level, the hydrogen water system also contributes to glowing skin, supports other anti-ageing affects, optimises your metabolic function and weight control, whilst promoting mental clarity and optimisation of your central nervous system. It balances the Microbiome of your body creating a healthy environment, supports mood disorders through restoring the natural growth of brain cells and protects your internal organs.

And the water tastes delicious!