Hydrogen Savings Duo - Shower Filter & Water Bottle

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Buy the Hydrogen Power Duo and save $40.00.

Available as a duo, the Hydrogen Water Filter and the Shower Filter together provide everything you need for pure water. The filters not only filter out impurities, chemicals and microbes but also add essential minerals, alkalinity and, of course, hydrogen to your drinking and shower water.

The high-flow rate shower filter adds vitamin C to the water to boost collagen and provide anti UV damage, whilst also filtering for heavy metals and pathogens.


Using the water bottle and the shower filter together will improve skin and restoration, will hydrogenate your skin and provide anti-ageing benefits. The antioxidant nature of the water will assist in the repair, rejuvenation and regeneration of healthy cells. It promotes great nails and hair and assists with the control of dandruff and eczema, while the duo water system can also help with the protection and support of your immune system.

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