Bracelet Set (2) - Natural Stones featuring a Buddah Head

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Turquoise is a universal healing stone, it is beneficial in promoting self forgiveness and serenity. Embrace the peaceful energy the cool blue hues radiates as you utilise your new found calmness to reflect, forgive and accept your true self. 

Tiger’s Eye bracelets are worn traditionally in some societies to ward off the evil eye and Tiger’s Eye gemstones are said to have the following healing properties.

Fortifies the blood and supports vitality and robust health.

Grounds the senses and assists in gaining equilibrium and balance in Life.

Aids mental clarity, reduces cravings, and increases will power.

What do volcanic rock bracelets do?

Volcanic Lava rock is a grounding stone and is said to embody the energy of mother earth's core and volcanoes. Wearing a lava rock bracelet is believed to bring the wearer's spiritual energy down to earth, promoting feelings of stability emotional balance, security, and peace.  The porous nature of the stone makes it ideal to be used as a natural diffuser byplacing a few drops of your favourite Essential Oil.